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Username: jadeddiva
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Subject and/or brief description: “When the dragons come, as they must, Sansa is ready for them.” Sansa Stark, and life after the war.
Rating: M
Word Count: 4853
# of scenes: 5

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username: jadeddiva
Subject and/or brief description: When the dragons come, as they must, Sansa is ready for them.Sansa Stark, and life after the war.
Rating: Teen for now
Word count: This chapter - 2968
# of scenes: 6

Thanks to my betas, thirddeadlysin and joely_jo

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Title: That Which is Infinite
Author: jadeddiva
Pairing/Characters: Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne
Rating: Teen
Summary: He keeps trying to tell himself this was a good decision, but there is lingering doubt in the back of his mind about bringing an innocent into this game. Barbara Gordon, meet Batman. Post BB during The Dark Knight.
Author's Notes: Complete.

Title: ad infinitum (for we think we know)
Author: jadeddiva
Pairing/Characters: Barbara Gordon, John Blake, Bruce Wayne
Rating: Teen
Summary:Any return she makes to Gotham will likely be permanent. One can only keep running for so long. Barbara Gordon and the events of The Dark Knight Rises. A sequel to That Which is Infinite
Author's Note: in progress

fic: we fall like stars (thor/jane) pg-13

Title: we fall like stars
Author: jadeddiva
Word Count:3113
Rating: T (PG-13)
Summary: All that is left of him now is the extra chair pulled up to her makeshift fire pit, which she never sits in and hasn’t had the heart to move. Jane, and the search for Thor and a greater understanding of herself.
Author’s Note: I went to see this movie thinking that it would be fun. I didn’t expect to leave it wanting Thor/Jane fic. And then, there was none to be found. Here’s my tiny contribution to the world.
Disclaimer: Not mine, all belong to someone else.

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Title: the drinks we drank last night
Author: jadeddiva
Rating: very mature towards the end
Word Count: 9259
Summary: It’s a secret that she feels anything at all for him, which makes her the biggest fuck-up in Riverside. Carol Marcus, and Jim Kirk. Before Starfleet, before Khan. Iowa homestead, reboot version.
Author’s Note: At some point, on my long drive to work, I plotted out a three-story arc that builds off the screenwriter’s idea that Carol Marcus was originally an Iowa girl who grew up next to Jim Kirk. Spending my formative years living in Iowa, I was sorely tempted to run with it. And so I did. Title is from an Azure Ray song. Gracias to mrstater for the beta work.

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Title: Five Times that Jim Kirk and Carol Marcus Hooked Up, and One Time they Didn’t
Author: jadeddiva
Rating:Mature. Most definitely mature.
Word Count: 7800 words
Warnings: Spoilers for the movie and Wrath of Khan, actually
Summary: He rationalizes it by thinking that Carol Marcus is a rarity, and he doesn’t want to give up on what could be a beautiful non-committed relationship. Five times that Jim Kirk and Carol Marcus hooked up, and one time they didn’t.
Author’s Note: Because I can’t help it and write Carol Marcus like it’s my job. And it’s totally not. Gracais to mrstater for the beta work! Oh my god this is the longest one-shot I've ever written.

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Title: we drift deeper (as the rush comes)
Author's name: jadeddiva
Pairing/characters: Spock/Uhura
Rating: T for implied sexuality
Warnings: None save for the movie
Disclaimer: All this belongs to someone else, though I wish it was mine.
Summary: Being in a relationship in space does lead to a fair share of fascinating circumstances. Spock reflects on his relationship with Uhura on the Enterprise.
Author’s Note: Written for bluemoon02 at the trek_exchange Title shamelessly stolen from Motorcycle’s “As the Rush Comes,” which popped up on Pandora last night and which I’ve been listening to all day. Thanks much to mrstater who did a fantastic last-minute beta.

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Title: we are objects in motion
Author: jadeddiva
Pairing: Lee/Dee
Rating: Soft R, to be safe
Warnings: None.
Summary: When she leaves him, she wonders if she ever was truly there enough to leave. Dee and her view of her relationship with Lee, from the beginning through the end of Season 4.0. Set between “Sine Qua Non” and “The Hub.”
Author’s Note: Written because Dee = greatness and Lee/Dee = heartbreaking. Thanks to meddow for the beta and being all around awesome.

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Home (Kings; David/Michelle, barely teen)

Title: home
Fandom: Kings
Characters/Pairings: David/Michelle
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Word Count: 398 - ficlet
Spoiler alert: Up through “Brotherhood”
Summary: There are a dozen platitudes about what makes a place “home.” Home, now, is the feeling in her gut, the almost-magnetic pull that draws her away from the palace.
Author’s Note: I love this pairing, and there is not nearly enough for fic it. Inspired by the last minute of “Brotherhood”

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